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We provide a wide range of services customized to suit each customers specific needs.

  • Personalized turn key programs to meet your specific needs
  • Customized full year promotional plans developed for each customer
  • Graphic design
  • Consumer pamphlets, pharmacist sell sheets and coupons
  • Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products
  • Coating of tablets
  • Encapsulation into hard gelatin capsules
  • Compounding of liquids
  • Ointments and creams
  • Packaging of tablets, liquids, cream, ointments and capsules into bottles, blisters and pouches
  • Complete analytical testing of raw materials and finished products which includes testing of potency, identity and purity as well as tests for disintegration, hardness, pH, etc.
  • Distribution of products

Product Analysis
At Pharmetics, 4 testing laboratories are equipped and staffed to conduct complete analysis on raw materials, in-process products, packaging components and finished products.
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Documentation Records
Documents are available for each lot and batch for every product relating to production, testing and maintenance.
» our documentation system

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